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1. Are Informatics certificates recognized by the government or industries?

Yes, Informatics certificate is well recognized by the private sector for the government sectors students must sit for the comprehensive which held by the MTVT exams by the end of the program.

2. Do you offer scholarship? What’s the requirement to get the scholarship?

Yes, we have, we will give the Top student for the scholarship up to SGD5000.

3. What is the attendance policy?

Students should note that The Saudi Regulation, states that students must not be absent from classes for a continuous period of seven days or more, or that the percentage of attendance for the course in any month is 90% or below without valid reasons. Should a student be unable to meet these requirements they will have to surrender their Student Pass for cancellation?

4. How’s the future career opportunity?

We have some Industry Partners; we will refer the Top student to have the interview with those industries.

5. How much is the application fee & what is the payment mode?

The application fee is S.R. 375 for All Students. The fee is payable at time of Application submission The payment options made available include Telegraphic Transfer, E-banking, Bank Draft, Credit Cards or Nets.

6. Is the attendance compulsory for Part-Time Students?

The attendance is not compulsory, but we strongly encourage students to attend lessons as regularly as possible.

7. What is the structure of the courses?

Generally, there are 2 structures: 
1. there are 3 terms per year, each term is 17 weeks. Each unit lasts for about 7 weeks. Students take their examinations in week 16 and 17. 
2. There are 4 terms a year. Each term lasts for 3 months, consisting of 2 to 3 units of 6 weeks each. Please note this is a general guideline, it may vary for different courses.

For more information, please visit

8. Where can the students find the course schedules and examination dates?

The course schedules and examination dates will be posted in the virtual classrooms on the and  website. You will see it upon logging in.

9. What is the syllabus coverage for the units in this program?

You can obtain details of their syllabus from the website and by accessing your online course contents.

10. Do I need to be a computer expert to take an online class?

Absolutely not! Even a beginner can successfully complete an online course. Navigating through your online course is simple because each class has been designed for easy navigation and minimal typing. Although there is no need to be a computer expert to take an online course, it is beneficial to know the basics of word processing, email, and Internet navigation.

11. What kind of software do I need to have?

Generally, students will need to have a minimum of Windows 95 operating system. Each course will have its own requirement.

12. Can I take an online course using any Internet Service Providers (ISP)?

Of course! Online courses are designed to work with a variety of browsers and Internet Service Providers. The minimum browser requirement is at least a 4.0 version of either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

13. How do I access my online course?

After you register for your online course, you will be given a personal login ID and password via email to access informaticsglobal virtual learning environment.

14. When can I access my online course materials?

The Internet is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and so is your online course. In some cases, individual modules will be made available only for a certain period of time. For example, Module 1 may be available starting the first week of class, but Module 8 would not be available until the 8th week of class. This allows students to move through the course together and to interact with each other. Our experience with online education has shown that interaction with other students and the facilitator is a key ingredient to a successful e-learning experience.

15. How do I enroll in an online course?

Enrolling in an online course is easy. You can register directly online at Students can learn, attend classes, and interact with their online facilitators and fellow students via the Internet. You can view the list of programs and course offerings at

16. Can I get a preview of the contents of the class?

If you are not an enrolled student, you can obtain an idea of the e-Learning environment through the demo class on the website. Select "DEMO" from the navigation bar on the website. Enter "demo", without the quotes, for both the ID and Password.

17. Can students in the e-Learning mode submit their assignments and take exams on the web?

Assignments (soft copies) can be submitted to the facilitators through the "Assignment Drop Box" feature in the virtual classroom. All exams will be held at designated exam venues in written form. For projects, both the soft copies and hard copies will have to be submitted to to be handled in to the exams division.

18. is there any Online Chat? How often and what is the duration?

Most of our programs have scheduled chat sessions of 1 to 1 1/2 hours duration. Normally, three chat sessions are assigned for each individual module for the respective course. These chat sessions allow you to communicate with fellow course mates and facilitators.

19. How long will the facilitators take to get back to students' queries?

How long will the facilitators take to get back to students' queries? Facilitators will reply to students within a maximum of 24 hours.

20. Will I be studying on my own? Will there be a teacher who will be assisting me with my queries?

For all modules, a facilitator will be appointed to facilitate the module. Students may post all their academic queries to the module facilitators and they will be answer within 24hours, within the module duration. For all facilitators who are facilitating bachelor and degree programs, they have been approved to facilitate the module by the respective university.

21. How can I contact the course facilitators?

Students may interact with the facilitators through electronic means via online chats, discussion room and private messaging.

22. How can I be sure that the lessons conducted online are enough for me to take exams?

The lessons conducted online are no different from the ones taught in traditional classroom mode. You have the same opportunities to ask questions of the facilitators. In fact, you can ask questions anytime and you will receive an answer within 24 hours. You do not need to wait till the next class to have your doubts cleared. E-learning actually offers more choices in the way the questions can be posed. If you would like to have the input of other questions or students, you can either post your questions in the chat or discussion room. If not, you can post the question through the private messaging facility. Facilitators may also provide students with reference to other websites for additional information.

23. Are the online diploma and degree programs similar to the traditional ones?

Are the diploma and degree programs conferred for the online programs similar to the ones from traditional taught classes? The qualifications obtained are the same for both categories of programs. E-Learning is simply another method of delivering the course.

24. What is the difference between online programs and those conducted in-class?

These programs are similar, except that the mode of delivery is different. For the e-Learning mode, classes are conducted through the web anytime, anywhere. This is done through 'attending classes' through web chat sessions, accessing course notes and even interacting with course facilitators online.

25. What kind of support will students receive?

Students will receive academic support from the facilitators; the's Help desk ( ) will handle non-academic issues while technical issues can be addressed by dropping the technical team an email at:

26. Did Informatics Academy receive the CPE Edutrust accreditation?

Yes. We have received 4-year Edutrust Accreditation Award from The Council of Private Education (CPE).

27. Are the programs conducted by Informatics Academy registered with TVTC Registration Framework?

Yes. All programs conducted by Informatics Academy are registered with the TVTC.

28. Where will the classes be conducted?

The classes will be conducted at Informatics SMART Campus located at:

Prince Mohammed Building for Youth Development, 2nd Floor, Dammam-Dhahran Highway.
Tel.: +966 3 8411 188

29. What are the operating hours at the Campus?

Saturday– Wednesday 8.00am – 8.00pm Thursday 9.00am – 1.00pm

30. If I cannot attend or complete my course, is there any refund?

Kindly refer to PEI-Student contract that you have signed with the school.

31. Where can I make payment for my course fees?

You can make payment at Informatics SMART Campus located at:

Prince Mohammed Building for Youth Development, 2nd Floor, Dammam-Dhahran Highway.
Tel.: +966 3 8411 188