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Bachelor in Technology Management and Computing (BSc.Hons)


The University of Portsmouth's Bachelor of Science (Honours) Technology Management and Computing is a top-up program offered to students who have been awarded the Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (ADCS) and Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (ADBA) delivered at Informatics Institutes.

The program enables suitable applicants to benefit from taking advantage of the flexible structure of a unitized curriculum to continue the academic and professional development. Students will acquire the skills to apply technology and manage people resources in organizations. This ensures that they are well positioned to progress with confidence into a wide range of career appointments in the competitive field of technology management.

The Arab Cultural institute recruitment partner for informatics Global Campus,which is authorised by the university to conduct the programs online,the students registration and performing course delivery can be approved by the university its self only.

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Technology Management offers students graduating with Advanced Diploma in Business Administration or Advanced Diploma in Computing by Informatics or other pre-requisite qualifications a chance to pursue a degree program that will equip them with fundamental IT knowledge. Business students graduating from this program will be more competitive and easily employable in the demanding IT Job market.




Program Fees:

To find out more about the price and installment payment options available, please visit our registrar office or call

Male section: (013) 8411188

Female section: (013) 8151846