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Tests & Examination


Tests are conducted during the duration of the module to provide an opportunity for the student to demonstrate an understanding of the subject and materials taught. Tests are typically held at the mid-term or end of term. The test could be conducted on-line or would be paper-based.

Depending on the subject matter, the length of tests could vary range from 1 hour to 2hours.

Tests could be conducted in class or in a formal exam setting.

Examinations are conducted at the end of each term in an exam hall setting. The duration of examinations is normally 3 hours.

‘Pass’ Grade

Students are expected to attain an overall minimum of 40% (including coursework) in order to gain a pass in the subject. Refer to Informatics Academy Regulations for exam rules and compensation arrangements.

A 70 and above
B 60 – 69
C 50 – 59
D 40 – 49
Fail 39 and below