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Assessment Framework


The assessment framework will in the form of continuous assessment and may be presented in one of the following format:

  • 2 Tests plus 1 Coursework (Test 1: 30%, Test 2: 30%, Coursework: 40%) OR
  • 3 Tests (Test 1: 30%, Test 2: 30%, Test 3: 40%) OR
  • Coursework 50% and Exam 50%

The assessment framework will vary from module to module and subject to changes from term to term.  Refer to latest module specifications for recommended exam rubric.


  • Coursework could comprise of one or more in the following forms:
    • Case study
    • Class activities
    • Presentations
  • Coursework is marked by the respective lecturers and sent together with the questions to the Examination Officer at Informatics Academy 2 weeks before end of the examinations period for review and moderation