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Assessment Framework


The assessment framework will in the form of continuous assessment and may be presented in one of the following format:

Scheme A Combination of Assignment and Tests, 2 Tests plus 1 Coursework (Test 1: 30%, Test 2: 30%, Coursework: 40%)
Scheme B A series of Class Tests, 3 Tests (Test 1: 30%, Test 2: 30%, Test 3: 40%)
Scheme C Project
Scheme D Combination of Assignment, Test and Exam

The assessment framework will vary from module to module and subject to changes from term to term.Refer to latest module specifications for recommended exam rubric.


  • Coursework could comprise of one or more in the following forms:
    • Case study
    • Project
    • Class activities
    • Presentations
  • Coursework is marked by the respective lecturers and sent together with the questions to the Examination Officer at Informatics Academy 2 weeks before end of the examinations period for review and moderation