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About Program

    •   The International Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Business and Information Technology, This course is designed to prepare students for work in a business environment as well gain a basic knowledge in the IT environment. The objectives of this program are:
      • To introduce business functions and related topics
      • To indicate how computers are integrated into business organizations
      • To develop students’ skills in communication
      • To apply marketing principles and define the management of marketing function in diverse marketing situations
      • To understand the financial implications of different international marketing strategies
      • To gain basic knowledge on computer hardware and software to better understand the workings of computers
      • To know how to write  simple  programs  to better  understand  the basics  of MIS systems
      • To learn the stages  of system  development  life cycle (SDLC)  and learn how to develop projects using this method.
  • Program Fees:

To find out more about the price and installment payment options available, please email or call our registrar:

Male Section: (03) 8411188

Female Section: (03) 8151846

Mobile :0502514927